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The Memorial, located on the island in Lake Pacawa, is composed of a circular wall, open at the front, then slowly rising on both sides to its highest point at the rear, 10 feet above the base. There are four flag poles placed around the wall at equal intervals and heights; the U. S. Flag, the U. N. Flag, the Korean Flag and the State of Wisconsin Flag. Inside the wall is a 8 foot walkway, with 6 stone benches, one for each year U. N. Combat Forces were in Korea: 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954 and 1955. At the front of the walkway is a pathway leading to and from the Memorial, and just above the location where the pathway and walkway come together, a 4 foot round bronze plaque covers a time capsule with memento's of the Korean War.

A Memorial Statuary is composed of five larger than life figures. A Nurse leads the group, because without the dedication, compassion, and bravery of the Medics, many would not have returned. Following the nurse are Army and Marine infantrymen, because the Infantry bears the brunt of battle. Following are an Air Force Pilot and Sailor, without whose support the battle would soon have been lost. The statues face east, because Korea is in the Far East, and in memory of all who lost their lives and are still missing in action. All five figures are touching, touching in a brotherhood that comes of battle. There are no weapons on the Memorial this is to confirm the veterans wish for peace. The five figures stand in memory of all veterans who serve our State. The Memorial is lit at night so it can be seen from Interstate 39, which is the Veterans Memorial Highway.

It is requested that individuals visiting the memorial be respectful and observe the rules and regulations prohibiting animals and certain activities on the island. Prohibited activities are, but not limited to: Fishing, swimming, bicycling, roller blading, skate boarding, sports activities, use of or viewing fireworks. Law enforcement will monitor and people may be cited.

For information on making a donation to the memorial and/or tile requests, contact:

Dan Mahoney, Village Administrator -715-345-5250

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