Water Department

Mission Statement

The Plover Water System Department is committed to provide a reliable supply of good, clean, and drinkable water at a reasonable cost to the residents of the Village of Plover. We are dedicated to supplying friendly, convenient, and dependable service. We will attempt to understand our customer's needs in order to assure their satisfaction.


The Water Department has 5 full-time employees on call 24 hours a day. Their primary responsibilities are the maintenance and up-keep of all Village water mains, towers and wells. They also repair and replace water meters, as well as monitor water quality.

Another important function of the Water Department is providing water for fire fighting. The Department must maintain the volume and pressure of water in sufficient amounts to enable the Fire Department to fight fires. An integral part of this function is to make sure all fire hydrants are operable in any temperature.

Water is distributed to the Village of Plover residents through a maze of underground transmission and distribution mains and two reservoirs. Both of the these reservoirs are above-ground water tank towers. The first tower, located at Disk Drive off Plover Road, has a capacity of 500,000 gallons. The second and newest tower, is located in the South of the Village, off Forest Drive and Lincoln Avenue, and it's capacity is 1,000,000 gallons.

Operations & Maintenance

Currently the Plover Water Department is responsible for the maintenance, operation, and repair of a variety of utilities:

  • 2 Water storage facilities
  • 3 Wells
  • 92 Miles of water mains
  • 1,040 Fire hydrants
  • 1,469 Gate valves
  • 4,115 Customers served
  • 1.5 Million gallons of storage capacity


The Plover Water System has been in existence since 1989 to provide safe drinking water to the residents of the Village. Water supplied to residents is monitored for many different items including lead and copper, volatile organics, pesticides, nitrates, bacteria, and others as required by the EPA and DNR. Fluoride is also added to the water for the prevention of tooth decay.

Well Abandonment

All wells located in the Village of Plover shall be abandoned in accordance with the terms of Village ordinance 505-11 and Chapter NR 112 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code unless a well operation permit has been obtained by the well owner from the Plover Water System. Due to increased interest from the DNR in assuring all wells in the Village are abandoned or properly permitted the Water Department will be increasing inspections and enforcement of the well abandonment ordinance.

Information on well abandonment may be obtained by calling the Water Department and permits may be obtained in the Village Clerk's Office.