Distribution System


There are over 92 miles of service water main throughout the Village, varying in size from 4 to 24 inches in diameter. All the mains are interconnected, with the flow of water traversing through the Village. This is known as a grid or looped distribution system. It is the Water Division's responsibility to make any repairs necessary to this system. Water Department crews are on call 24hrs per day to repair the mains as quickly as possible.

Repairs are also made to the water main valves, fire hydrants, and water service lines.

The distribution system also includes 2 water towers located throughout the village with a combined storage capacity of 1,500,000 million gallons. A Water System Study conducted in 1998 identified the need for additional storage capacity and additional supply. Working from this report and to continue to provide a safe, dependable water supply. the Village of Plover constructed a new 1,000,000 gallon tower in the southern portion of the village during the summer of 1999 and spring 2000. A third well was constructed in 2001, and is located in southern portion of the village. Through an intergovernmental agreement, an emergency connection to the City of Stevens Point was constructed in the fall of 1999, which can be used to supply water to the village residents in the event of an extreme emergency.

Questions & More Information

Any specific questions regarding water distribution and testing can be directed to the Water System Manager, Matt Saloun at 715-345-5254.