Private Well

The Village of Plover allows for the construction and operation of private wells within Village limits.  In efforts to protect public health and prevent groundwater contamination, the Village requires residents to either obtain a private well operation permit, or properly abandon the well.  The purpose of the well permitting program is to allow property owners to operate their wells and know that the well is structurally compliant, produces safe water, and has no cross connections with the Village water system.

Private Well Permits

The Plover Water System issues private well permits that are valid for a 5 (five) year duration.  To obtain a permit, the property owner will need to complete the following:

  • A well inspection performed by a licensed well driller or pump installer (village staff are licensed pump installers and can provide inspection services at no cost).
  • A recent laboratory report issued by a state certified water laboratory indicating the well water is absent for E. Coli and Total Coliform.  If the private well is used as a drinking water source, a nitrate sample will also be required.
  • Payment to the Village of Plover of $25 to issue the 5-year permit.

For more detailed instructions to obtain a well permit, please see the “Private Well Permit Information” document below.

Abandonment Procedures

If you no longer wish to keep your well, you must contact a licensed well driller or pump installer to have the well properly filled and sealed.  Please see the “Licensed well drillers and pump installers” document below for list of local contractors that provide these services.  If your well is abandoned and properly filled and sealed, please contact the Village Water Department (715) 345-5254 so we can update your records.

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