Bird City

Bird City WisconsinTo achieve annual certification as a Bird City, communities need to demonstrate in a written application that they have met at least seven of 22 criteria, including three from Category 1 and one from each of the other four categories. Visit the Bird City of Wisconsin website for more information.

Category 1 Creation & Protection of Habitat

  • Compliance with Wisconsin's Smart Growth law for land use planning and resource management.
  • The community has a park system with habitat for a number of species of birds. This is demonstrated by bird monitoring results and/or other data obtained from researchers or local volunteers.
  • Existing bird habitat has legal protection.
  • Park planning seeks to provide additional bird habitat.
  • The community offers the public information on control and removal of invasive species.
  • The community contains a segment of the Great Wisconsin Birding and Nature Trail or a designated Important Bird Area.

Category 2 Participation in Programs Effective Community Forest Management

Some other municipal accomplishment in this area.

Category 3 Limiting or Removing Hazards to Birds

The community has an educated program to control-free-roaming cats and/or actively publicizes the Cats Indoors program.

Category 4 Public Education

  • The community is represented in at least one bird monitoring program such as Christmas Bird Count, Great Backyard Bird Count, or Swift Night Out.
  • The community has a program that involves schools, garden clubs, etc. in bird conservation activities.

Category 5 Community Celebration of International Migratory Bird Day

The community adopts resolution recognizing IMBD and organizes a local IMBD celebration.

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