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HOURS: 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.- M-F
LOCATION: Plover Municipal Bldg.
2400 Post Rd.
PHONE: (715) 345-5250


Steve Kunst

The Community Development Department prepares, implements and updates current and long range Village plans, meets with the general public regarding proposed plans, and coordinates planning activities with other levels of government. This department provides staff assistance to the Plan Commission, which is responsible for orderly growth and development in the Village. This department also administers the Village's Community Development Revolving Loan Fund to promote economic and community development activities in the Village.

The department is also responsible for administering the Village's Zoning, Nuisance, Health, and Housing Ordinances for all properties. All requests for development or expansion of two-family, multi-family, commercial, and industrial properties, and changes in zoning must be reviewed by this department and recommendations for approval/disapproval presented to the Plan Commission.


The Community Development Department can give you information on and answer questions about the following:

Annexation: The Department can provide general information on annexation to the Village.

Zoning Code: The Village of Plover is divided into zoning districts that have regulations governing the use of the land and the placement, spacing, and size of buildings and site improvements.

Certified Survey Maps: Survey requirements and all land divisions.

Subdivision Plats: Information on subdivision requirements and process.

Conditional Use: In each zoning district, there are land uses that may or may not be appropriate at a specific location because of its varying, and unique characteristics. We call these "conditional uses" and the Plan Commission Board, before their establishment, must approve them. Applications for this process are available.

Site Plan Review: Site plans are required for new buildings and additions to existing building, which involve two-family, multi-family, commercial, and manufacturing properties.


Frequently Asked Questions of the Community Development Department:

  • What is the zoning of a property?
  • What uses are allowed on a property?
  • What are the setback requirements?

For assistance with these questions or questions dealing with land use, zoning, and subdivision regulations, and existing/future development plans, stop by the Community Development Department or call 715-345-5250.


The Village of Plover charges a fee to process various applications to cover the cost of public notices and staff time. The fee schedule follows:

Site Plan Review
No Charge
Zoning Variance Request
Conditional Use Request
Rezoning Request
Planned Development District
Certified Survey Map Review
Zoning Amendment with Comprehensive Plan Amendment Request
Preliminary Subdivision Plat
Preliminary Final Plat